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About REM Division of Notification

This site will link you with one of the available automotive lending sources that specialize in helping people that have recently filed or have been discharged from bankruptcy. We only use A and B rated Better Business Bureau Dealers in this program. If you want to be linked to one of our excellent dealers, please fill out our pre-qualification application. If you have any questions, please call us directly at 888-383-8165.

The best thing to do is get your pre-qualification amount using the letter you received. The computer pre-qualification system will link to your court records and keep everything else secure between you and the local credit approval center in your area.

If you would like to get your actual qualification amount and payment you may enter your information on the Credit application page and the local approval center will have all loan and payment answers when they contact you about your pre qualification.

If you received one of our letters, the information on the letter is the most current available. If you need additional information please e-mail your request to the link below and tell us what available bankruptcy information you may need or contact your lawyer.

Don't feel bad about what has happened. GM and Chrysler needed bankruptcy to get back on there feet. It happens to the best and our dealerships and lenders know that. This is why they have started a drive to put America back on their feet with low interest secondary programs.

In fact many of the dealers we have now offer financing on new cars as low as 3% to recent Bankruptcy Discharges.

You will be sent an e-mail asking you to verify your identity using your ID code printed on your letter. We will then have your current status and contact information for you.

For your information we have a list of current lenders that have very good finance options for anyone involved in or just discharged from a bankruptcy. Just e-mail us for a dealer near you. Be sure to use a recommended dealer so you may take advantage of the Captive Financing options available or test drive your auto loan with your letter.

We will also notify you on your discharge date with all information needed, normally 1 week or sooner than the court papers arrive.

Remember our mission is to connect you with a highly rated automotive dealership in your area that is connected with several of the lenders that have programs designed to help you.

If you would like to receive a full pre approval please go to the Credit Application Page and we'll process a pre-approval application with loan amount and payment amount before contacting you.

Easy Application

Easy application

You have been pre-selected... just a few residency and income questions. Credit report is NOT the only factor required for credit approval.

Fast Results

fast results

Find out what you qualify for in just 1-2 business days. You could be in a new car faster than you thought possible.

Amazing Rates

amazing rates

Special programs for your exact situation - Rates in the 3-10% range. Ignore this program at your expense! Other dealers will quote you 20%+ but it’s not their fault - that is the best they can do without our special program.

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checkboxFast, Painless Application Process

checkboxPre-Selected Quality Dealers

checkboxLow Rates On New Cars and Trucks

checkboxFriendly Response Within 1-2 Business Days

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  • I was discharged from bankruptcy and the very next week after receiving my letter from REM, I went to the local dealer and drove home a brand new Chevrolet Malibu at a 6% interest rate. — Don. M.

  • Prior to visiting an authorized dealer, I decided to look up REM online. After reading the negative comment, I choose to still keep my appointment and see for myself. Let me say this; After getting out of bankruptcy I tried several dealerships, REM made the entire experience a positive one. EASY, QUICK, FAIR, HONEST PEOPLE! I WOULD GIVE YOU A+++++. Thank you for understanding my situaiton and giving me a great deal. — Ida C.

  • I would recommend this business to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IF I COULD!! I received a letter in the mail & usually think of the advertisements as junk mail. But I decided to give them a try.. I called & somehow ended up on the phone with Mr. Ray Miller!! All I can say is NOTHING SHORT OF A BLESSING! I had gone to another car lot & was given a rate of 22.80% on a used car...Mr. Miller connected me with a dealership where I was given a rate of 9.9% with one of the leading finance companies in the US & I drove off the lot in a brand new **** ***** ****** — Calvina W.

  • They sent me to a Dealer and we received a great interest rate and a great carccjust out of Bankruptcy. The letter did just as it said. — Bill J.

  • REM is a life saver! After my husband and I went through bankruptcy, we did not think we would be able to finance a vehicle because our credit rating was so low. To our surprise, we were able to purchase a brand new car at our local Chevrolet dealership at a very low interest rate. Then two years later we were able to lease a new car from our local GM dealer. This is a great program, and I would recommend anyone whose bankruptcy has been discharged to take advantage of this program! — Connie S.